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Training Division is an emergency services training company that was developed by firefighters for firefighters, fire recruits, and Emergency Medical Service personnel. As professional firefighters, we understand the difficulty of trying to obtain firefighter certification, EMS certification, and professional development training. A group offirefighters with many years of fire education experience has developed these programs with those problems in mind, including the NFPA 1001 certification that we offer here at Training Division. We wanted to make a fire and EMS training program that everyone could take from their own home, rather than try and sign up for a class, arrange accommodations, and schedule time off.

Our ultimate goal is to provide firefighters with a “one stop” place they can come to for their basic or advanced disciplines and certifications, including EMT certification, one of the only internet available EMT school offerings on the Internet today.  We also emphasize safety in every aspect of our training.  Our students learn not only to perform at the highest levels within their fields but to stay safe and keep others safe while working.

Training Division has an excellent academic reputation. Our courses hold 4 of the top ten class average scores ever recorded by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection. This includes the top score ever recorded by a class AND an individual. Academic excellence and skills mastery is the top priority of our company.

Executive Staff

Brad Loewen (Middle) President / Owner

Brad and his family are originally from Winnipeg,  Canada and currently live in Orlando, Florida where they volunteer with wish foundation families as they come to Give Kids The World on their wish trips.  Brad has been an emergency responder since 1997 and has a passion for offering EMS and fire programs to those that have the dream to help others in this way.  Brad is a strong believer that Training Division is the perfect platform for helping those wishing to become firefighters or paramedics start their journey and that we can also help experienced responders excel and promote through the ranks with our additional certification programs.

Mick Moffitt (Left) CEO: US Operations

When he was only six years old, Mick’s mother died in a house fire just fifteen feet from a second story window. He was rescued by a firefighter that day and his life changed forever. He has since then expressed a passion towards the fire service and what it stands for. Character, Honor, Respect, Integrity, Service and Teamwork are the pillars he has chosen to base his career and life upon. He began his journey as a volunteer for a combination department. Then he was finally accepted into his dream career as a fulltime firefighter/paramedic. He retired as a Fire Lieutenant and came on board full-time for Training Division. His favorite thing to do is spend time with his wife, two sons and baby girl on his days off.

Shaun Gutkin (Right): Canadian Operations

Shaun’s venture in emergency services started through training in Winnipeg, Manitoba and has led him through many additional training programs in multiple locations throughout Canada.  Shaun is very familiar with the needs of local fire and EMS programs throughout the country and continues to work with department leaders to ensure that our students are the best-prepared candidates for available firefighting positions.

Operations Staff

Wade Green – Fire Program Director

Instructor Green is currently a member of the Fort Worth Fire Department and a key member of the Training Division management and instructional team.  He has a sincere passion for doing whatever it takes to help each and every one of our students succeed because he knows that success now will translate into serving others, being safe, and saving lives down the road.


Brandon Ferguson – EMS Program Director

I began my career as a volunteer firefighter at the age of 19. Shortly after joining the department, I knew this was my calling in life so I went to Fire Academy and EMT school. I began my career as one of the first six

career firefighters hired with a local department and worked there for 6 years. After taking two years away from the fire service, for family reasons and wondering if I was really making a difference, I decided to refocus my life, trusting God to place me where I needed to be and was given an opportunity to go back where my career began. I am now working as a FF/Paramedic, a member of the Honor Guard, and I have earned a degree in Fire Science. I have worked with Training Division Fire Academy since 2005 and I’ve been able to fill many roles during my time here.  I started as a part-time instructor and quickly identified with the vision of the company and the core values. I now take care of the day to day EMS operations. I am married to my wonderful wife, Rachel and have four beautiful children: Jaden, Elissa, Ryan and Isabella.


Jack Watson

Jack Watson began his fire service as a volunteer in 1970.  He went on to work with the Euless Fire Department for 29 years before returning to volunteer status with Liberty Chapel Fire Department.  This comes out to over 43 years as a firefighter!  Read More »


Lonnie Ballenger

Lonnie Ballenger graduated from Cleburne High School in 1987 and wasted no time pursuing his dream; that Fall he began volunteering for the Keene Fire Department.  From 1987 through 2009 he held every position in the department, including Fire Chief.  He earned his EMT certification at Tarrant County College in 1988, his EMT-Intermediate certification at Huguley Hospital in 1991, and his Paramedic certification at Huguley Hospital in 1994… Read More »

David Wilkes
Neil Eschbach
Admin & Student Services

 Student Services

Ms. Becky Myers
Ms. Stacy Eschbach
Ms. Kasey Ainsley
Ms. Julie Moffitt

Food Services Staff

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