EMS schooling is an important part of stepping into a career in emergency response. For some, EMS courses provide the foundation that allows them to decide whether this is a desired area of work. For others, EMS training is a step that opens doors to more specialized medical or emergency fields. You may be a high school student who is very goal oriented, set on a systematic approach to achieving your dreams. You may be a full-time worker in an unrelated profession, considering a dramatic career change. No matter where you are in your educational path, our EMS classes enable you to move ahead with your goals without disrupting your current life.

Training Division offers the following programs under it’s extensive EMS division.



The Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) course was designed for anyone seeking knowledge and certification in medical first response. Much like our popular fire academy design, the classroom portion of this course is completed online. After successful completion of the classroom, the student will attend a weekend hands-on skills session. The practical skills are formatted in a scenario based learning environment.

This course contains the required medical hours necessary for Basic Firefighter certification. The First Responder course is ideal for reciprocity of out of state and international students. Many students choose to take the First Responder simultaneously with our popular online Fire Academy.

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EMT BASIC ($1491)

This course is designed to teach students to become Emergency Medical Technicians. Much like our popular Fire Academy design, students complete the classroom portion online.

Prior to starting the hands-on portion of the course you MUST have: current CPR certification, proof of a background check, medical release form: MMR, TD, Hep B, PPD and a 10-panel drug screen.

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