The enhanced fire inspector course is designed to be taken via the internet. This enhanced course was developed to allow the students more one-on-one contact with the instructor. Students spend an additional three days with the instructor compared to our other inspector course. Students under the direction of the instructor dig deeper into the use of the International Fire Code Book. Students get a more detailed look at each chapter in the code book. This course also covers all necessary curriculum requirements of NFPA 1031: Standards for Professional Qualifications for Fire Inspector, and TCFP. Students on the last day of class will complete their required State hands-on-skills. During the class the instructor will prepare them for their TCFP written examination and provide additional study material for the student(s).

The Enhanced Fire Inspector Course is offered once a year. Please call for skills session dates. Academic work for the class is generally started and completed sixty days prior to coming to the skills session. If you are interested in taking this course via our online firefighter training program, then please contact us!

ONLY $975.00

The fire inspector program covers all the necessary curriculum requirements of the TCFP and NFPA.

Also Requires:

  • Five-day skills session at our Emergency Training Center
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