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“Just a visit from Class 04, working 6 days a week and raising children, you were my only hope of attending Fire Academy. With your help, long before the facilities you have today, I have achieved my dream. I have been with The Woodlands FD over two years and look forward to many more. Thank you so much for all that you do! I look forward to visiting and seeing all the progress!”
P. Stai FF/EMT-P The Woodlands, TX

“Since graduation in July of 2005, my career as a firefighter has taken off. After returning from Boot Camp, I had a confidence that was unparalleled in my department.”
Mike Reitour, Maryland

“Just writing to inform you that I started with Woodstock Fire Department in Ontario Canada on monday.  Woodstock is my home town and I can not be more excited!!!!This is a full time position on 24 hour shifts that will start after 10 weeks of recruitment training.  So I wanted to say thanks to everyone there for all the help and compliment you on a great run program. Thank for everything!!”
Class 43, Ron Nadalin

“I have been hired by Vancouver Fire & Rescue in BC. And I will be doing my 6 month Probationer Practical & Written Test March 13th. I’ve been to about 6 or 7 structure fires and a few car fires. But just the other day I was 1st in on the nozzle for a fully involved basement fire with some rollover when we opened the door…it was GREAT!”
Harvey, Vancouver, B.C. Canada (Class #20)

“After finishing y’alls academy in Class 22, I passed the Texas EMT test (on my 1st try). I continued to work at the small county department in my neighborhood (Sam Bass Fire Dept) until moving to Houston in the Fall of 2006. I went through the written and physical testing for the Houston Fire Dept, and was hired through their “Fast Track” program for members already posessing both fire and EMT certifications. I’ve been an HFD Firefighter/EMT for 14 months, and I’m assigned to the semi-famous (or infamous!) Station 19 in Houston’s 5th Ward. I’m still learning so much every day I’m at work, but I definitely have y’all to thank for such a great foundation of knowledge and skills. I am so blessed to love and enjoy my career and to look forward to helping people and having fun while I’m at work, and I couldn’t have done it without the kind of program y’all offer. I hope all is well with you and your family, and with the school, and good luck. Thanks again!!!”
Matt “Opie” Opiela. Houston, TX

“I just wanted to let you know that I was offered the job with the Delta fire department, who I understand called you for a reference check.  Thanks for your support and good luck with the school.  I really enjoyed my time there and am pretty excited about finally getting to continue my education on the job.  It’s been quite a journey the last couple of years but I am sure it will be all worth it when I get on the floor later this month.”
Eric Butler, Delta, Canada

“I just wanted to let you know that I have been successful in obtaining a fire fighting career in Adelaide , South Australia with the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service. Thanks very much for your wonderful course. Im sure that helped me a great deal in getting the job. My name is Corey Bradley and I was in boot camp #26 last May. Thank you so much everyone. Kind regards.”
Corey Bradley

“Dear TrainingDivision: Thank you for all your teaching. I just got a job in Rawlins, WY, as a Probationary Fire Apparatus Operator. They were impressed with my Firefighter I/II, HAZMAT A/O, and EMT-B certifications. All certifications have transferred. I have had the opportunity to work with each shift so far and most are quite impressed with my hard work ethic, professional attitude and knowledge of firefighting. They are looking for more people like this so please pass this on to any other recruits who are self-motivated, willing to work with volunteer firefighters, and would love to live in a small city. Sincerely.”
Josh Kammerlohr (Member of FF class 37 and EMT-B class 7)

“I can see why Training Division is becoming so popular. Where else do you stay in a working fire department and live the life of a firefighter. What a great experience.”
Jacob Nicholson, Coquitlam, BC, Canada

“I learned more in this course than I think I ever could in another academy. Not only about fire, but about teamwork and what it takes to make it together.”
Brian Hammes, Killeen,TX

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