Are you considering a position as an EMT B? Whether you are committed to a career path in emergency response or whether you are interested in learning more before pursuing advanced medical or rescue training, EMT basic certification can provide you with the credentials to get started. However, your EMT basic credentials require testing to demonstrate your proficiency in a variety of cognitive and manual areas. In order to meet testing standards for your EMT-B certification, you will first need to complete EMT basic classes. We provide you with the avenue to take EMT basic training online so that you can prepare completely before you face EMT-basic examinations at the state or national level.

There are varied levels of EMT certifications, and our EMT-B course enables you to learn the information necessary to obtain entry-level certification in the emergency medical assistance field. The online environment for our EMT basic classes is extremely flexible, allowing you to study in the manner that works best with your schedule, goals and learning style. This alternative to classroom EMT-basic training is important for those who don’t have the time available to commit to in-person studies.

EMT-basic training online provides you with time to study until you are comfortable with your mastery of a subject before you move on. The rushed environment of classroom courses can be a challenge, especially if you want to learn for retention rather than just passing an exam. Our EMT basic online goal is to help you to be successful in your learning so that you can thrive in your emergency response career.

Your EMT-basic online coursework prepares you for the cognitive side of your certification exam. However, the psychomotor portion of state or national exams will require hands-on preparation. Our EMT basic training also includes a hands-on session at our training center. During your EMT-B practical training, you will have the opportunity to learn and demonstrate skills in specific areas of medical response. Just as our EMT-basic training online enables you to work on your schedule with cognitive skills related to the field, our in-person sessions address the manual portion of the EMT-basic curriculum in a compact time frame so that you don’t need to put your life on hold to achieve your goals.

EMT-basic courses may be just the beginning of a rewarding path in helping others. It’s an excellent option for the aspiring medical professional to get a sense of the need and the pace in critical care situations. It’s also an area that provides many potential directions for those who thrive as they begin their careers in emergency care. Beginning with basic training courses online can open a number of doors as you become familiar with introductory principles and practices in the field. You can contact our staff with specific questions about our curriculum, or you can register for your online studies today.

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This continuing education activity is certified for physicians, physician assistants, nurses, pharmacists and EMTs/paramedics.  Skills sessions are conducted every month in Crowley, Texas.

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