Training Division offers American Heart Association ACLS training online or in brick-and-mortar settings, providing a variety of options to those needing initial training or ACLS recertification. AHA ACLS, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, is provided for those working in the healthcare profession who need to be ready for advanced life-saving issues. Whether you are training for work in the field or whether you are already employed and in need of ACLS recertification, our program provides you with flexibility so that you can complete your training in a time and setting that suits your schedule and learning needs.

Cognitive Work

The academic portion of the ACLS online class can be completed at your leisure. If you are participating in the AHA ACLS course for the first time, you may need to take each unit slowly so that you can remember the material covered. Retention is critical because the skills and materials covered in the course are used in life and death scenarios. In addition to ACLS online access, Training Division also works with those who have time for classroom certification.

If you will be completing your ACLS online, you will have access to our virtual classroom around the clock. You can complete your studies before going to work in the morning or after arriving home at night. We bring the quality of our classrooms into your home or office, providing you with convenient access at the time that works best for you. Additionally, your learning style is accommodated as you work in a self-paced environment.

In-Person Training

The skills and testing portions of our AHA ACLS course are conducted at our Emergency Training Center. You will have the opportunity to view actual presentations of skills and concepts so that you can sync your knowledge with real-life scenarios. You will have the chance to demonstrate proficiency in various skills as you participate in simulations as well. Upon completion of skills classes, you will be able to demonstrate proficiency through the testing portion of the course.

The ACLS course is aimed at healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses and emergency response personnel. You will cover:

  • Pre-arrest conditions – recognition and early management
  • Cardiac arrest – management until return of spontaneous circulation, resuscitation or transfer of care
  • Life threatening clinical situations – recognizing situations such as stroke
  • Ischemic chest pain – identification, treatment and expedition of care when patients demonstrate acute coronary syndromes
  • Communications and team dynamics – working as a team member or leader
  • BLS – prioritization of chest compressions, AED and other basic life support skills

You can enroll in the American Heart Association ACLS course at your convenience online, getting started in your initial or recertification process right away. You can also contact our office for additional information about our courses.

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Skills sessions are conducted every month in Crowley, Texas. Call our professional staff for more information.

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