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Jack Watson began his fire service as a volunteer in 1970.  He went on to work with the Euless Fire Department for 29 years before returning to volunteer status with Liberty Chapel Fire Department.  This comes out to over 43 years as a firefighter!

Jack has a BA in Fire Protection from Western Illinois State University as well as dozens of certifications including Firefighter Master and Level III Master Instructor.  He has been with Training Division since 2004.

What Students Say

“Instructor Watson seems to be a man with a wealth of experience, adiposity who still gets in and does the work. Remarkable that he does not seem desensitized by his career. You can tell he genuinely cares about the students and the fire service as a whole.” – Class 154

“He has a great teaching technique and is able to connect with the students. I loved the stories he told and how he related them to the skills we were learning that day.” – Class 155

“I really enjoyed Instructor Watson. He brought a vast amount of experience to his teaching days. I found him easy to get along with. He commanded respect without needed to call for it.” – Class 156

“You can tell that Instructor Watson really cares about educating younger firefighters. His passion for the fire service is contagious and I can’t wait to start my career!” – Class 157

“Instructor Watson is awesome. He knowledge and experience sets him apart from most, but his teaching methods sets him apart from all!!!” – Class 161

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